Frequently Asked Questions

A list of FAQs will be compiled as questions come in. If you have a question, please submit it in the forums.

How do I vote for an a entry and can I vote multiple times for the same entry?

  • Visit the Ideas page to view the entries and vote for your favorite.
  • You may vote only once for each entry. To do so please click on the I agree button in the upper left corner of the entry.
  • You are not allowed to vote multiple time for the same entry.

I was wondering if you can please clarify the statement, "Capacity for entity to customize content and link to other relevant entity content" under Review Criteria and Panel?

The customizable content refers to content specific to the provider or health plan, and to any additional language required by the state (the language contained in the paper NPP pertains nationally).

The ability for users to customize the content of the digital notice is an important part of the functionality of the digital notice. First, it is necessary for users to include information unique to their entity, such as organization name, contact information or the name and contact information of their privacy officer. Additionally, entities may need to describe state laws or other policies they follow that are stricter than, or beyond what is required by, HIPAA. Because the model Notice of Privacy Practices language reflects the HIPAA requirements, such entities would need to add language to the model notice in order to accurately communicate how health information is used and disclosed by their organization. Entities that belong to an organized health care arrangement (OHCA) will need to add language describing how information is shared with the OHCA and what other entities may be covered by the notice. And finally, entities will need to be able to insert an effective date of notice. Another aspect of customization that is desirable is the ability for users to easily create links from various sections of the notice to other content on their websites with relevant background information. For example, the portion of the digital notice describing how information may be used for research could link to that organization’s actual research page, where additional content would explain what type of research is conducted by the organization and provide relevant information and context. Alternatively, an organization may have online forms for individuals to use when submitting a complaint or requesting information, and it would be desirable to enable the user to easily link from the language in the digital notice describing these rights to the actual online forms used by the patient when acting on these rights.

Is the "entity" defined as ONC/OCR? Is this in regards to being able to easily edit content and also hyper linking existing content? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

“Entity” refers to the health care provider or health plan using the module.

Participants do not have to submit different designs for each of those formats. The challenge is to present the same textual information but in a way suitable for online consumption. The verbiage does differ slightly, however, between the healthcare provider and health plan language, and the modules should account for both.

Please confirm the correct way to submit an entry is via the red "submit an entry" button on the main site.

Yes this is the correct way to submit an entry.

Please confirm that entries are not published to the forum but are instead private, as I submitted a "test" entry and it appeared to be posted on a public forum.

Entries will be shown on the website for two weeks after the submission period has closed to allow public voting.

How should the required PowerPoint file be submitted in addition to the "link to entry" field provided below?

The PP should be uploaded by clicking on the “browse file”. The link to entry field is optional.

As we understand the NPP verbiage differs slightly for HCPs vs. Health Plans. Please advise if contestants should provide content for both within the entry.

Modules submitted by participants should provide content for both providers and healths plans and enable either type of user to customize it as appropriate for their organization.

Can I submit a model in Spanish translated by a certified translator? Right now there is no Spanish translation for the models published by the OCR and here in Puerto Rico we need then in Spanish and English.

We have now added Spanish language versions of the model notices of privacy practices that you can use to submit a model in Spanish. These are available along with the English versions on the Model NPP website at

Are HTML5 and CSS3 acceptable formats?

Yes, both are acceptable.