UPDATE: NIH/BARDA has published  its “Updates and clarifications of several components of the Challenge competition posted within the Federal Register ” related to Step 3 of the Challenge. That Notice of Information can be found here. The Federal Register Notice is here.

Congratulation to our Step 2 winners! To see the list of winners and other entries, click here.​

Top 5 Step Two Finalists

Affinity Biosensors
Ultra-Rapid Infection Confirmation and Phenotypical AST by Microbe Mass Measurement
Ken Babcock

Visby Medical, Inc. (dba Click Diagnostics, Inc.)
Patient-side, Disposable, Molecular PCR Diagnostic Device for Neisseria Gonorrhea and Drug Resistance Markers
Gary Schoolnik

Fully Automated Pathogen ID and AST Directly from Blood and Urine
Vincent Gau

Klaris Diagnostics
Single Cell Biometric Analysis for Rapid ID/AST
Kyle Fieleke

Predigen, Inc.
Host Gene Expression to Classify Viral and Bacterial Infection Using Rapid Multiplex PCR
Ephraim Tsalik


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