Top 10 Step One Finalists

Affinity Biosensors
Ultra-Rapid Phenotypical AST by Microbe Mass Measurement

Ken Babcock

Becton, Dickinson and Company
Antimicrobial Resistance Rapid, Point-of-Need Diagnostic Test Challenge

Richard Anderson

Brigham and Women’s Hospital
Breath Volatile Metabolites for the Rapid Identification of Pneumonia Etiology

Sophia Koo

Click Diagnostics, Inc.
Patient-side, Disposable, Molecular PCR Diagnostic Device for STI and Antimicrobial Resistance Detection

Gregory Loney

Duke University
Host Gene Expression to Classify Viral and Bacterial Infection Using Rapid Multiplex PCR

Ephraim Tsalik

First Light Biosciences, Inc.
First Light’s MultiPath Platform

Don Straus

Philips North America
Minicare HNL: Point-of-care Detection of Bacterial Infections to Curb Unnecessary Use of Antibiotics

Joe Frassica

Spectral Labs, Inc.
Rapid AMR Test using Spectral Platforms’ Technology

Ravi Verma

University of Rochester
Transcriptional Profiling to Distinguish Bacterial and Viral Respiratory Infection

Ann Falsey

Yale University
Yale’s One Step, Rapid in vitro Diagnostic System

Ellen Foxman


Other Step One Entries

American University
Step One Challenge

Megan Nelson

Automated Diagnostics
Innovative, Rapid Diagnostic Testing and Characterization of Antibiotic Resistant Bacterial Pathogens

Roy Yeoman, III

Avails Medical
Avails Medical Digital Biosensor Technology

Meike Herget

BacterioScan 216Dx Laser Light-Scattering Instrument

Andrew Tomaras

Baylor College of Medicine
Detecting Antimicrobial Resistance using Mass Spectrometric Based Technology

Anthony Haag

Beckman Coulter, Inc.
Flow-Cytometry-based, Point-of-care Assay to Distinguish Bacterial vs. Viral Iinfection

Sergei Gulnik

Beth Israel Deaconess
A Description of the Proposed In Vitro Diagnostic, and the Development Approach, Challenges, and Risks

James Kirby

Biotrack Diagnostics
Antimicrobial Resistance Rapid, Point-of-Need Diagnostic Test Challenge

Gijs Jansen

Boston University
Lateral Flow Test for Presence and Susceptibility of Group B Streptococcus

Irina Smolina

Brigham Young University
Amplification Free Detection of Drug Resistant Bacteria

Aaron Hawkins

California Institute of Technology
Rapid Phenotypic Antibiotic Susceptibility Testing in 30-minutes Directly from Clinical Samples via Single-molecule Quantification

Rustem Ismagilov

Cleveland State University
A Platform for Rapid Diagnosis of Infections and Antibiotics Susceptibility Test

Siu-Tung Yau

Cornell University
TuBe — A Rapid Point-of-Care Technology for Diagnosing Mycobacterium Tuberculosis and Rifampicin Resistance in Limited Resource Settings

David Erickson

Cornell University (II)
AR — Rapid IDentification of Antibiotic Resistance

Saurabh Mehta

Day Zero Diagnostics
Sequencing of Bacterial DNA using Rapid, Low-cost Nanopore Sequencing Technology

Jong Lee

Development of Rapid Systems for the Detection of Antibiotic Resistance

Nicolaas Vermeulen

A Multiplexed, Point-of-Care Device for Rapid Diagnosis of Acute Bacterial Sinusitis

Oriana Hawkins

Fast Diagnostics
The FAST Diagnostics Approach

Eugene Davidson

Feinstein Institute for Medical Research
Noninvasive Neurograms for Determining Etiology and Severity of Infectious Illness

Mustafa Ghanem

Firebird Molecular
xNA-targeted Diagnostics

Steven Benner

Fractal Therapeutics, Inc.
A Novel Point-of-care Diagnostic for Nosocomial Infections

Arijit Chakravarty

Fraunhofer CMI

Alexis Sauer-Budge

Fry Laboratories
Antimicrobial Resistance Detection by Next Generation Sequencing

Stephen Fry

“CAPTURE”– Confirming Active Pathogens Through Unamplified RNA Expression

Paula Koelle

Rapid, Evidence-based pathogen ID and AST Directly from Patient’s Specimens

Vincent Gau

CTX-M Guanine-Amplified Immunoassay for POC

Neil Gordon

Helix Bind
A Point-of-Care Platform for Rapid Identification of Bacterial and Fungal Infections

Alon Singer

Inflammatix Biomarkers

Timothy Sweeney

Jackson Memorial Hospital
Validation of Lactic Acid and Pyruvate Rapid Testing Devices as an Effective Approach to Decreasing the Rise in Microbial Resistance

Adam Au

Johns Hopkins University
Development of Point-of-need Diagnostics to Distinguish Viral vs. Bacterial Infections to Reduce Emergence of Antibiotic Resistance and Determine Severity of Infection

Robert Bollinger

Johns Hopkins University II
Mobile Diagnostic Platform for Integrated Bacteria Identification and Antibiotic Susceptibility Characterization

Tza-Huei Jeff Wang

Kwangmin Son
Analysis of Swimming Kinematics (ASK) for Rapid Pathogen Identification and Antibiotic Susceptibility Testing

Kwangmin Son

Kytaro, Inc.
Detection System for Multiple Antibiotic Resistant Pathogens

Angelo Gaitas

Massachusetts General Hospital
Point-of-care Diagnostic System for Healthcare Associated Infection (HAI) Control

Hakho Lee

Massachusetts General Hospital II
Host Transcription Response to Differentiate Sterile Inflammation from Infection

Abraham Sonny

Royce Menezes
POC Device to Differentiate Bacterial and Viral Infections

Royce Menezes

Nexogen, Inc.
Clinically Significant Concern Addressed and Intended Use of the Proposed Device

Dalibor Hodko

Bloom filter based AMR detection – Antimicrobial Resistance Diagnostic

Masooda Omari

Nova Psychiatric Services
Computer-Aided Drug Resistnace Calculator: A Rational and Rapid Point of Care Diagnostic Device

Norbert Nwankwo

One Codex
Programmable Enrichment & Real-Time Selective Sequencing for Rapid Point of Care Diagnostics for Antimicrobial Resistance

Nicholas Greenfield

Ovagene Oncology, Inc.
Ovagene’s in vitro Diagnostic Multiple Drug Resistant (MDR) Device

Bruce Batten

Palo Alto Research Center (PARC)
Thermo-Optical Antimicrobial Susceptibility Test (TOAST)

Michael Recht
[email protected]

QSM Diagnostics, Inc.
Quantitative Electrochemical Measurement of Bacterial Colonization Levels

Edgar Goluch

Quicksilver Biosystems
Quicksilver Biosystems: smFET Platform for Rapid, Mobile, Multiplexed, Quantitative Pathogen Identification

Derek Brand

Rice University
Universal Microbial Diagnostics

Richard Baraniuk

Roger Sciences, Inc. (RSI)
Rapid Point-of-Care Detector of Drug-Resistant Bacteria and Biofilms to Reduce Inappropriate Antibiotic Use

Samuel Hill

RPS Diagnostics
FebriDx– A Rapid, In-office Test to Help Drive Antibiotic Stewardship to the Outpatient Setting

Robert Sambursky

Rutgers University
MZO Nanostructure-Modified Bulk Acoustic Wave Biosensor for Dynamic and Rapid
Determination of Antimicrobial Efficacy and Resistance

Yicheng Lu

Salus Discovery, LLC
The Self-enclosed “Kit-On-A-Lid-Assay”(KOALA) Cultured Based Drug Susceptibility and Resistance Assay

Scott Berry

Seraph Biosciences, Inc.
Seraph’s Field Portable Ultra-high Sensitive Raman System

Gregory Auner

Stanford University
Rapid Label-Free Pathogen Diagnostic Device

Richard Zare

Sympano, Inc.
Nanotechnology Enabled Point-of-care Diagnostic for Multidrug Resistant Pneumonia and Sepsis

Thomas Barrett

Texas Tech University
Development of an Innovative and Rapid Assay for Antimicrobial Resistance Testing on Blood

Marie Bugarel

University of Akron
Microfluidic-based Determination of Antibiotic Susceptibility by Fluorescence Imaging

Michael C. Konopka

University of California, Davis
QCM-Aptamer Based Point of Care Rapid Detection System+HS7 and Software

David Sierra

University of California, Irvine
UC Irvine’s One Step, Rapid in vitro Diagnostic System

Weian Zhao

University of Connecticut
“Digital” Micro-wells Array Device for Naked-eye based Low-cost, Calibration-free, Rapid Detection of Antimicrobial Resistance

Yu Lei

University of Maryland, Baltimore
Ernst Goodlett Antimicrobial Resistance Rapid Point of Need Diagnostic Solution

Robert Ernst

University of Massachusetts
Optimizing Handheld Sequencing Technology for Rapid Detection of AMR for Clinical Decision Making

Tim Ford

University of South Florida
Thermo-plasmonic Preconcentration of Bacteria from Blood Samples for Rapid Point-of-care Analysis

Anna Pyayt

University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston
Rapid, Point-of-Care Detection of Extended-Spectrum β-lactamase-Producing Enterobacteriaceae Directly From Clinical Samples

Cesar Arias

Vanderbilt University
Electrochemical Sensing of Antimicrobial Resistance

David Wright

Viscus Biologics
Amoeba-Resistant to Antibiotics Bacterial Identification Diagnostic

Justin Baker

Washington State University
Bioelectrochemical Detector for Rapid Assessment of Bacterial Antibiotic Resistance

Haluk Beyenal

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