Oh, the Places Data Goes: Health Data Provenance Challenge

1. What are you announcing?

The ”Oh, the Places Data Goes: Health Data Provenance” Challenge is a 2 phase monetary prize competition that firsts solicits white papers that reveal real world provenance problems, conveys why they are important and proposes a solution. Those that advance to Phase 2 will be asked to implement a prototype of the solution and provide lessons learned.

2. What is the Challenge expected to accomplish?

The goal of the Health Data Provenance Challenge is to inform ONC about provenance problems the industry incurs, why it is important and possible ways to solve them.

3. How can interested parties learn more about the goal and process of the Health Data Provenance Challenge?

Additional information can be found on the Challenge website and by attending upcoming informational webinars about this challenge.

4. Are these grant award programs?

The challenge is not a grant.  It is a prize competition run under the authority of the America COMPETES Act, which enables ONC to invest in innovation through research and development.  Challenges are a way for HHS employees to draw on external talent and ideas to solve critical problems.

5. Who do you expect will participate?

Teams who are:

  • Directly involved in clinical activities using CEHRT, and/or
  • Working with Personal Health Records (PHRs), health care apps, or non-implanted medical devices that could interface with Electronic Health Records (EHRs).

6. When are the submissions due?

Phase 1 submissions are due May 22, 2017 by 11:59 EST.

Phase 2 submissions are due January 22, 2018 by 11:59 EST.

7. What is the amount of prize money available for this challenge?

The total amount of prize money to be awarded for this Challenge is $180,000. Phase 1 winners will receive $20,000 each. The second place winner for Phase 2 will receive $40,000 and the first place winner will receive $60,000.

8. When will you announce the winners?

Phase 1 winners will be announced on June 13, 2017 by 11:59 EST.

Phase 2 winners will be announced on February 21, 2018 by 11:59 EST.

9. How will solutions be submitted?

All submission will be accepted through the challenge website.

10. What is the format for the White Paper?

White papers should be in English, size 12 font and must not exceed 15 pages (not including bibliography or graphics). Please submit as PDF only.

11. Are we limited to Vimeo or YouTube for the Phase 2 video submissions?

No, those are examples listed in the announcement; contestants are free to submit their video from a platform of their choosing.

12. Why is it important to be able to convey provenance of health data?

Health care providers need confidence in the authenticity and integrity of health data they review/access/receive including:

  • Who created the original health information?
  • Where was the original health information created?
  • When was the original health information created?
  • What information has been changed?
  • Why has the information been changed?
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